Catalogue 2021

Welcome to our latest Trade Catalogue.

Our biggest and grandest guide ever.

In light of these uncertain times, we hope this new trade guide will help inspire your art, expand your business offerings, and provide insight into the newest trends in the hair, beauty and skin industries. This is our largest and most comprehensive catalogue, with an unprecedented number of new product lines.

Happy Browsing!

To obtain a physical copy of the catalogue, please do the following:

Request one to be included in your next order by phone, email, message, WhatsApp or order comment (if placing your order online.) A copy will be included in the parcel free of charge.

Download Catalogue PDF

Our latest trade guide is also available for digital download. Open and download each section individually, or the full catalogue and browse on any device at any time.

To view a specific section, click on a section image below to open it on a new tab for viewing. To save the document, click on the download icon at the top right of the page.

Note: the full catalogue links to Dropbox where it can be viewed and downloaded as needed. Please select your preferred resolution specification if you have limited download capabilities. We recommend downloading the highest resolution specification you can for the most pleasing and comprehensive viewing experience.