One ‘n Only Shiny Silver Perm

For smooth and shiny curls on grey hair.

Shiny Silver Perm creates firm, yet versatile, manageable curls on coarse, resistant grey hair. An anti-yellowing formula that enhances the natural silver highlights found in grey hair, making unwanted undertones less visible so curls shine true. The self-heating (exothermic) chemical heat ensures gentle, deep, even processing. Every perm service is perfect, even if the waving lotion is left on beyond the required time.

Key Benefits:

  • For firm, versatile curls on grey hair
  • Argan Oil enhances hair texture and perm result, and reduces dryness and frizz
  • Balanced formula is gentle on the hair
  • Creates volume, body and dimension to coarse or fine grey hair
  • Self-heating (exothermic) formula ensures gentle, deep and even processing
  • Stop Action formula prevents overprocessing
  • Anti-yellowing agents enhance natural highlights in grey hair
  • Customizable perm formula allows for water, lotion or combination wrapping
  • Buffered waving lotion regulates pH for best curl results
  • Conditioning and moisturizing ingredient complex makes hair soft and manageable
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How to use:

  1. Gently shampoo hair, rinse and lightly dry with towel.
  2. Leave hair damp for water wrapping.
  3. Wrap damp hair. DO NOT WRAP WITH LOTION. If hair dries, mist lightly with water. Do not oversaturate.
  4. When wrap is completed, lightly mist all wrapped rods with water.
  5. Place cotton around hairline and a towel at nape of neck.
  6. Twist cap off Activator Part A bottle and add entire contents to Waving Lotion Part B. Gently shake to mix. Mixture will become warm.
  7. Apply Waving Lotion to top and underside of each wrapped rod and re-saturate.
  8. IMPORTANT: To prevent skin irritation, immediately remove cotton and towel and gently blot with water-soaked cotton on any areas where lotion may have contacted skin. Replace with fresh cotton and clean towel. Repeat as necessary.
  9. PROCESSING: Cover head with plastic cap and clamp in front. All rods must be covered and airtight. Process at room temperature. DO NOT process under dryer or heat lamp.
  10. After processing is complete, rinse with warm water thoroughly for 3 minutes. Gently blot hair to remove excess moisture.



  • Normal/Resistant Hair – 15 minutes

Perm has Stop Action, so no test curl is necessary during processing. Perm cannot overprocess on normal hair as it has a fixed processing time. If hair is very porous, take a test curl after 3 minutes.



  1. Neutralizer is ready to apply. Do not add conditioner to Neutralizer. Apply Neutralizer (save approximately 15ml of Neutralizer) to top and underside of each rod of curls. Repeat, applying to tops of curls only. WAIT 5 MINUTES.
  2. Remove rods without stretching hair. Apply remaining Neutralizer. Gently work through unwrapped curls with palms of hands.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

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