Colortrak The Detailing Brushes, 2/Pack

Two pack detailing brush pack featuring ultra-soft feather bristles. Multi-purpose tool, ideal for precision painting, blending and detailing. Also works great for eyebrows and beard touch-ups for male clients.

This little tool is bound to be every stylist’s new best friend, helping to achieve precise painting trends like undercuts, glitter roots, sharp lines and more traditional painting such as balayage and blending.

The ergonomic handle delivers optimal comfort for the stylist with additional grip at the base. The tiered angles of the bristles are designed to give maximum control, allowing for extremely precise painting. Ultra soft feather bristles allow the stylist to a natural, feathered finish.

Double Feature: Turn your tool around for precision sectioning. This feature is always bound to come in handy when working on detailed designs.

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Colortrak is devoted to all the mavericks, mad scientists and fearless stylists that beautify our world. You’re the muse and the reason for innovation.





Stated in Miami, Florida, Colortrak has been at forefront of the hair tools and implements industry, producing extremely high quality and innovative hair colouring tools for professional hair artists. Colortrak is a passionate team that is inspired by the art of hair colouring and is dedicated to arming stylists with the most extensive line of tools in the industry.

Colortrak has been a leader in salon-grade coloring tools since 1980, and they have been obsessed with hair color ever since.

Colortrak made it their mission to design tools for hair stylists that expect more – more creative control, more blend-ability and more flexibility to execute their vision.



It’s time to graduate to a new caliber of color.

Incorporating ergonomic features, tasteful design and real-world testing by select brand ambassadors, Colortrak products push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of hair color.

Colortrak draw their inspiration from the tropical sunshine and diversity of their home-base in Miami, Florida. However, the heart and soul of their work can be felt in artists’ hands around the world.




Colortrak works alongside talented stylists from around the globe to create innovative and functional tools.


Colortrak’s development team works from initial concepts to final products, developing new ideas and searching for exclusive materials to develop quality tools.


Colortrak’s line of vibrant, comfortable and effective products are attention-grabbing and functional for even the busiest and most demanding professionals.

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2 Per Pack

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