Hot Wax

Hair Health & Beauty is a wholesale hot wax supplier of professional hot wax for spas, for beauty salons and for waxing salons.

We supply professional hot wax for eyebrows, intimate areas, legs and underarms, as well men’s hot wax. Buy in bulk at trade prices.

Showing all 23 results

Showing all 23 results

Every beauty salon and waxing salon needs quality hot wax for premium, luxurious waxing services and hair removal.

Our options are enriched with skin-calming ingredients, like beeswax and jojoba oil, to leave skin soft and smooth, with no sticky residue. Soothing ingredients help minimise pain and discomfort.

Hair Health & Beauty is a wholesale supplier, including discs, pellets and granules. Choose from a variety of options to suit your hair removal needs.

Cream options

Warm, soft wax made of cream or resin is optimal for strip waxing.

The wax is gently warmed to make it pliable and smoothed in a thin layer over the skin. A cloth strip is then pressed on the wax before it completely dries.

Hot film wax

We also offer hot film wax. Film wax is a hybrid between a hot wax and a strip wax that  possesses the best characteristics of each. Its application is as comfortable, paired with the lightweight “spread-ability” of a strip wax.

Hair Health & Beauty offers a full range of online supplies. Simply register your business for a trade account to access our full range of professional hair and beauty products.