Spa Manicure Products

Use our large selection of professional spa manicure products to give your clients exquisite nails and hands. Our range includes tools and treatments from some of the best brands, such as Kaeso and Skintruth, at great prices.


Showing 1–36 of 56 results

Showing 1–36 of 56 results

Choose the best salon tools

Yes, you have the talent and training, but you also need quality, professional tools to be able to give your clients the manicures and nail treatments they want.

Give yourself a helping hand by always having essential spa manicure products in stock. The better the quality, the better the results – and the more likely clients are to return.

We supply:

  • nail file kits
  • manicure sticks
  • cuticle removers
  • cuticle oils
  • nail strengtheners
  • nail repairers
  • nail brushes.
Offer nail and hand treatments

Our hands and nails are exposed to harsh elements and wear and tear on a daily basis, from extreme temperatures and dry, sunny air to hot, soapy water.

When clients come to your salon, repair treatments will soothe and nourish their hands and nails. Luxurious creams, oils and hand masks can instantly restore moisture to dry, chapped hands. They’re ideal for use during and after manicure treatments.

Your clients will leave the salon feeling pampered – and with perfect nails and soft, smooth hands.

Our stock includes a range of treatments, such as hand scrubs, massage and moisturising creams, hand masks and moisturising gel therapy gloves.

We’re a spa manicure product supplier of quality professional tools and treatments.

With Hair Health & Beauty you can get your spa manicure products wholesale online. Simply register your business for a trade account to access our full range of professional hair, health and beauty products.

Stock up on all the wholesale manicure products you need for your salon, at the best prices.