KAYPRO Hair Conditioner

KAYPRO Italia makes professional salon-quality products for every hair issue or condition. These specialised Italian-made conditioners form part of a complete system of solution-based hair care products that can tackle any type of hair issue.

KAYPRO conditioners

KAYPRO hair conditioner is formulated to handle all kinds of hair types and hair issues. The range includes conditioners for sensitive scalps, fine or limp hair, curly or wavy hair, mature, porous or weak hair, and treated hair.

Professional Italian conditioners

KAYPRO’s range of conditioners are expertly formulated and manufactured with natural ingredients in high concentrations. All KAYPRO products are professionally manufactured in Italy to tackle all types of hair problems.

Natural ingredients for superior results

KAYPRO hair conditioner uses specialised natural ingredients to give the best results based on the hair’s condition or issue. For example, soy proteins for volumizing fine hair, collagen for revitalizing mature hair and honey for detangling curly hair.

Wholesale KAYPRO conditioner online

Hair, Health & Beauty stocks KAYPRO Italia products including conditioners, shampoos, treatments and masks, and styling products.

To order KAYPRO conditioner online, simply register for a trade account (if you don’t already have one). We deliver to anywhere in South Africa.