KAYPRO Hair Treatments

Manufactured in Italy, KAYPRO products offer professional, problem-based hair solutions for the full spectrum of different hair issues and concerns.

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Showing all 22 results

Kaypro Hair Treatments For Sale in South Africa

Italian-made KAYPRO hair treatments deliver outstanding results.

Whether clients need solutions for hair that’s dry, frizzy, damaged, limp, breaking, treated, coloured or more, KAYPRO offers an advanced product that really works.

The products range from specialised shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments that target particular needs to professional toning and bleaching products.

Trusted by professionals and loved by customers worldwide, these masks and treatments help individuals achieve healthy, vibrant, beautiful hair.

Hair Health & Beauty is a wholesale supplier of professional hair treatments to salons and spas in South Africa. Buy KAYPRO products online, individually or in bulk, and we’ll deliver directly to your premises.