Salon Hair Foils

We stock a range of Salon Fuels hair foils and accessories. These salon foils have a trusted reputation among professionals in the hair and beauty industry.

Showing all 11 results

Showing all 11 results

Why we chose Salon Fuels hair foils

Salon Fuels offers high-quality foils and foil accessories at economical prices. Through its combination of dependable products and affordability, Salon Fuels has developed into a staple brand in the South African beauty industry.

Why do you need a top-quality hair foil?

Foil is important for separating layers of hair when adding highlights or colour.

Hairstylists go through a lot of foil each month. It must be strong and durable so it doesn’t tear at a critical moment.

What hair foils does Hair Health & Beauty stock?

Our range of hair foils for salons includes different sizes and colours, on rolls or in pop-up dispensers.

We also offer different foil thicknesses, including heavy-duty hair foils at 18 microns and regular hair foils at 15 microns.

Accessories for salon foils

We offer stock dispensers for different sizes of hair foil rolls. Dispensers make it easier to measure and tear foil so you don’t end up with any waste.

We also offer affordable balayage film, on a conveniently perforated roll. It’s ideal for balayage and colour blocking techniques.

Ordering hair foils online

As a hair salon or independent stylist, you can register for a trade account with Hair, Health & Beauty, giving you access to all our professional salon-grade products – including salon foils and foil accessories.