BIG Professional Permanent Hair Colour

Created by professionals for professionals. Made in Italy, our range of BIG Professional permanent hair colour products will give you and your clients the best colour results, every time.

Showing all 16 results

Showing all 16 results

Professional MULTI-CHROMATIC, TRANSLUCENT colour for shinier, brighter, natural-looking, modern hair – at half the processing time.

Healthier, safer colour services

BIG Professional has a reputation as one of the safest and most effective permanent hair colour brands in the world.

BIG Professional products are free of sodium lauryl sulphate, low in ammonia and free of parabens, silicon and gluten. They’re also vegan and tested only on humans. Pure, clean, simple and functional.

No more tears or irritation from ammonia vapors

BIG Professional’s low-ammonia permanent hair color reduces ammonia vapor inhalation and irritation by up to 90%, for better comfort and wellness. Features NH3 Control Ammonia Encapsulation Technology, for safer hair colour and lightening.

Vibrant hair color in half the time

Colours hair in half the time of standard hair colour brands. Features 99.9% pure, ultra-refined pigment precursors that instantly enter, cluster and fuse with the hair’s amino acid keratin protein structures – for the least harmful, most beautiful cosmetic hair color.

Improves elasticity and shine

Bond-building formulation protects ionic, hydrogen and disulfide bonds during color processing. A-BkC Complex adds suppleness, resilience and lustre to hair.

Personalised colour

BIG Professional was created to enable colourists to mix and blend colours. Create hand-tailored color services, as opposed to flat, all-over color from a single tube or box. Features multi-functional, adaptable mixing ratios and timing option.

Amazing benefits for hair

BIG Professional permanent hair colour seals in colour; smooths static and frizz; repairs damage; and strengthens the hair. It also adds luster and softness. Keeps hair youthful and elastic, and provides UV and environmental protection.

Post-colour shampoos, conditioners and sprays

BIG Professional’s post-colour products complete the fixing of the pigments deep within the hair cuticle.

Post-colour shampoo balances the hair’s pH levels, eliminating alkaline residues and restoring moisture and elasticity.

Post-colour conditioner reconstructs bonds and seals the cuticles for intense hydration and protection against UV rays.

Finally, post-colour treatment spray soothes and balances. Hydrolysed keratin makes hair stronger, and vitamins A, E and F rejuvenate each strand for colour that doesn’t fade.


Hair Health & Beauty offers the full range of BIG Professional permanent hair colours and post-colour products. Available only to registered salons and hair and beauty professionals in South Africa.