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Showing all 4 results

What to consider when buying a salon basin

Consider these factors when choosing basins for sale in South Africa.

Fit with your business brand and décor

Basins should complement your salon’s décor, including existing furniture, fittings and walls.

Basin material

Generally, ceramic basins are more durable and look more attractive than plastic basins. They’re also less susceptible to staining.

However, plastic basins are easier on the pocket. They’re also easier to move around.

Which basin colour is best for salons?

Most salon basins come in either black or white. Both colours can make classy additions to a hair salon or spa.

Black basins are better than white ones at hiding hair and possible staining from chemical treatments.

For exactly the same reason, some consider white basins more hygienic. You can see whether they’re clean. They can also help brighten up an area with low lighting.

Black is a popular choice in contemporary salons.

Salon basin shape

Ensure the neck cutout of a salon basin will be comfortable for your clients. A good quality basin will have smooth contours and be compatible with standard-size fittings.

Also, salon basin bowls should have adequate depth. This isn’t just for holding water, but also to accommodate all hair lengths.

At Hair Health & Beauty we offer a range of attractive salon basins, including standalone basins, basins with fittings, basins with stands and all-in-one shampoo units, incorporating basins and chairs.