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A salon shampoo unit is incomplete without the necessary accessories. Browse our selection of salon basin fittings and accessories, designed to make shampoo stations comfortable, easy to use and effective.

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Showing all 24 results

Choosing the best salon basin fittings

With so much choice, selecting the best accessories for any salon can be a challenge. Here’s how to make the best decision.

Go for quality

Start the search for salon basin hoses by ensuring the correct fit and hose length. If the need for extra reach is anticipated, a longer hose will be necessary.

When shopping for salon basin accessories and fittings, it’s important to buy quality components.

When deciding on a salon mixer tap, excellent quality is crucial. A salon tap is used multiple times a day for extended periods. It needs to be able to withstand continued day-to-day wear.

Most mixer taps will be built to last, but contact the supplier if there’s uncertainty about any relevant guarantees or warranties.

Looks matter

The build material of salon basin spray hoses will need to align with the aesthetic of the rest of your salon equipment.

It will look less professional if your hose is grey while your salon basin hand shower is chrome-plated or black.

Details count to customers. So select the style of a basin hose to match the basin itself.

Comfort is key

A client with a stiff or vulnerable neck and shoulders will notice immediately if your salon basin isn’t well-designed and adjustable.

You can easily max out the comfort by adding salon basin neck cushions to your accessory list. A soft surface to rest against will always be appreciated.

Go for the most comfortable cushion you can afford.

We’ve got a wide range of all the salon basin fittings you need, so whether you’re after salon basin hand showers that will add to your salon’s style or hardy salon mixer taps, we can help.

Hairhouse Warehouse offers a wide range of spa and salon basin accessories and fittings, at the best prices.