How to Clean Hair Brushes in a Salon

How to Clean Hair Brushes in a Salon

Stylists know how to clean hair brushes in a salon and how to maintain hygiene – but constant cleaning can be time-consuming and expensive.

We offer tips, tools and techniques to streamline the process. We also recommend sanitisers, sterilisers and state-of-the-art hair brushes to help you achieve the best outcome.

The endorsed products are cost-effective and designed to take the hassle out of salon-based hair brush maintenance.

Cleaning hair brushes in a salon after each use

These days, maximising hygiene in the hair salon is easier than ever. Many stylists keep jars of disinfectant or sanitising sprays readily available at their work stations.

Brushes are fully immersed in the jars or liberally sprayed after each use. That way, there is no cross-contamination between customers, and strict sanitising standards are adhered to.

For the all-day in-between hairbrush cleaning routine in the salon, we suggest you try one or both of these products:

That’s the easy part. Cleaning hair brushes in a salon at the end of the day requires a different and more laborious strategy.

Hair brush cleaning tools and equipment – what’s required  

Here’s a round-up of the tools and equipment required to clean and sanitise brushes quickly, and with minimal mess and fuss. You’ll need:

  • rubber gloves to protect the hands from direct contact with dirt and hair residue
  • cleaning and sanitising solutions developed to remove oils and build-up on hair brushes without damaging the pads or bristles
  • a clean comb or brush cleaner for removing hair trapped in bristles
  • basin of warm water for soaking
  • clean towel.

How to clean hair brushes in a salon at the end of the day

Stylists are familiar with the daily drudge of cleaning and disinfecting tools. Typically, this includes half a dozen or more hair brushes.

For those of you who are starting out or anyone who needs a reminder of the most cost- and time-effective ways to uphold salon sanitation, here’s a step-by-step guide.

Step 1 Remove any hair trapped in bristles using a standard comb or brush cleaner.

Step 2 Add a few drops of shampoo to warm water and swirl it around to create suds. Any sulphate-free shampoo by quality hair-care brands like Brasil Cacau, Dalon, JOC and OSMO will suffice.

Step 3 Immerse the brushes in the sudsy solution and leave to soak for 20 minutes to loosen the dirt, oils and product residue that have built up over the day.

Step 4 After soaking, use your fingers or a soft-bristled toothbrush to lift any detritus that has remained at the base of the bristles or on the pads. Rinse each hair brush under clean running water to remove dirt and shampoo.

Step 5 To ensure optimal cleanliness and hygiene, it’s important to sanitise the hair brushes. Spray the brushes with a disinfectant like Salon Fuels Sanitising Spray or putting them in a powerful germ-destroying bactericide.

Sprays are easy to use, especially for quick cleaning between customers. Ready-to-use bulk products are typically cheaper, go further and provide a power-packed sanitising solution for salons.

Highly concentrated, value-for-money products include:

A bulk medical-strength germ killer, like Barbicide Hospital Disinfectant, fully sanitises styling tools within minutes.

Step 6 Pat the sanitised brushes dry with a clean towel to remove excess moisture. Allow the brushes to air dry and store in a well-ventilated area.

Quick hair brush cleaning tips for stylists

To prevent the build-up of dirt and oils, integrate the cleaning and sanitising of hair brushes into your routine.

Use quality sanitisers and disinfectants that kill bacteria and germs quickly and efficiently. Buy sanitising products in bulk to reduce overheads.

Monitor the condition of the hair brushes and replace them when the bristles become worn or damaged beyond repair.

Invest in hair brushes that are specially designed to expedite the daily cleaning routine.

Choosing hair brushes with removable pads

Most salon owners have fine-tuned cleaning techniques to deliver the best outcomes.

Best practice is to invest in hair brushes with easy-to-clean removable cushions – like the Olivia Garden OG 3-in-1 Brush kit. Exchangeable pads boost productivity in two ways. They enable continuous customer-to-customer styling and reduce the time spent on the cleaning process.

Another innovative solution is to select hair brushes that repel bacteria and pathogens. The WetBrush Anti-Microbial Purifying Detangler is first-in-class in this regard.

Knowing how to clean hair brushes in a salon can save time and money, prolong brush lifespan and ensure optimal brush hygiene. Hair Health & Beauty offers a range of affordable salon cleaning solutions, including those suitable for cleaning hair brushes.