Hair Cutting Hygiene

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Showing 1–36 of 47 results

Maintain hair cutting hygiene

Cleanliness is no more important than when it comes to hair cutting. Hair cutting tools are amazing breeding grounds for bacteria to form and spread. Not only can this limit the lifespan of your tools, but it can be potentially dangerous and hazardous for your clients when they are being used on them. Our range of hair cutting hygiene products have been used for many years by professionals around the country, and are trusted for their ability to properly sanitise tools between clients.

The most prominent product in this section is Barbicide and other similar sanitising liquids. These are dispensed into jars and tools are placed in the solution for instant santisation. No need to do anything else – just drop in and pick up later. Also tried and trusted is Clippercide, the spray cleaning fluid for all trimmers and clippers. This is very important as these tools make direct contact with damaged skin.

We stock so much else, such as personal protection equipment, sanitising wipes, skin cleansing and more. Shop now and get your hygiene level up!