Reseller Terms & FAQ

Q. What is the difference between retail and professional products?

A. Retail products are items that are purchased to be resold to a consumer. Professional products are purchased for the use during professional in-salon services to salon clients.

Q. How can I sell retail products to consumers?             

A. Retail products can be sold as follows:

  • Direct to consumers in the salon
  • Via your salon’s website (please note: it cannot be another website and/or a website that is not named after or linked to your salon)

Q. Can I sell retail products on social media, such as Facebook or Twitter?

A. Products can be advertised on social media provided it is the salon’s social media account which directs the consumer to purchase from the salon’s website.

Q. What do I need to have on my website to retail products?

A. When designing and developing a website for your salon, you should include some of, but not limited to, some of the following examples (these are examples, and not all are needed to be present on the website), to give a clear connection between your product listing and the functioning salon:

  • Booking appointments
  • List of services and treatments
  • Price list of services and treatments
  • Images of your team and staff

Q. How can I check if a product is a retail product or a professional product?

A. To check if a product is considered a professional product or not, please visit: If the item is not found on this site, then it is professional and may not be sold to consumers.

Q. What are examples of professional products?

A. Mainly products that a stylist would use to perform an in-salon treatment, for example (but not limited to) professional permanent tint, peroxide, lightening chemicals, Brasil Cacau treatments, Brasilian Hair Seduction treatments, etc.

Q. May I sell professional products to consumers?

A. No, not under any circumstance.

Q. May I sell professional products to other salons/stylists?

A. No.

Q. May I sell products through a 3rd party, such as Takealot, Gumtree, Bid or Buy, OLX, Junk Mail or Facebook Market?

A. No.

Q. May I sell products as a “Sub-Distributor” in my town, as we are located outside of major cities?

A. No. We already have a network of Sub-Distributors throughout South Africa who have been permitted to sell to salons and consumers in specific geographical areas.

Q. If I have a salon website and I am selling retail products, can I copy product information and images from the Hair Health & Beauty website?

A. Yes, you may.

Q. Does the pricing on my site have to be the same as Hairhouse Warehouse?

A. By law, no price protection is permitted. You are free to sell at whatever price you wish. Keep in mind that there is an established market for our products and the price levels have been carefully structured to suit the market we appeal to. It is recommended that you sell at prices similar to the ones shown on

Q. If I have an E-Commerce site only, may I sell your products there?

A. If you are purely an E-Commerce site, you may not sell our products nor use any of our proprietary images or information for that site, without prior written permission from us.

Q. How do I know if I can use my existing website?

A. The online store should be part of your salon’s website. Alternatively, a separate online store can be created, provided it is clearly marked that it is part of your salon. The online store cannot be a different name from your salon’s.