Wahl Detailer Gold Hair Trimmer Cordless

The cordless barbering favourite is now a supremely luxurious piece of cutting technology. All the best features of the standard Detailer in a cordless package for even better maneuverability, ease of use, precision and happier clients. Specifically intended for edge lining and detailing work. Designed with a extra-wide T-shaped blade that adjusts to zero overlap, allowing you to cut closer to the skin. Ideal hair trimmer for creating patterned designs, shape ups and beard lines.

Not only does this trimmer’s golden blade look stunning, it has real benefits as well. This trimmer is fitted with a DLC blade that operates cooler, is corrosion resistant and stays sharper 4x longer than a standard stainless steel blade. It is also 6mm wider than the standard T-blade, so more cutting surface per pass.

The Cordless Detailer features an adjustable T-Wide blade, lithium ion battery and rotary motor to produce quicker and more precise cutting results with the flexibility of taking it anywhere you need.

Allows for blending, tapering, extremely fine detailing and fine line trimming for high quality results and satisfied clients every time. The Gold Detailer has up to 100 minutes running time from a 45 minute charge. The LED light indicates the amount of power left, so you always know how much cutting time is left. The space-saving charging stand is weighted and grips any hard surface for secure charging.


  • 3 x attachment combs (1.5mm, 3mm & 4.5mm)
  • Oil
  • Cleaning brush
  • Adjustment tool
  • Pre-shave brush
  • Styling comb
  • Charging dock and adaptor
  • Red blade guard


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To protect your electrical tool during loadshedding periods, we recommend disconnecting it from all power sources when not in use. This will prevent electrical damage caused by sudden power surges.




Rich History

Wahl is celebrating 100 years as the leader in the professional and home grooming categories. Their hair grooming products and services are recognized in households and by professionals all over the world. 

In 1911, Leo J. Wahl discovered the electromagnetic motor. He realized that he could use this kind of motor to make a medical massager for his uncle, J. Frank Wahl. As a student, Leo designed the massager and Frank began manufacturing them in a small plant in Sterling, Illinois.

Leo began selling this invention to barbershops. He recognized a need for improving barber tools by using this type of motor. In 1919 he took over the business and founded Wahl Clipper Corporation. Since then, Wahl has been the leader in the hair grooming industry.

Today, Wahl continue offering the same great products and service that Leo J. Wahl created 100 years ago. Their products remain the most innovative and best in the industry. Their services set the global standard for integrity, value and efficiency. With over 1,500 employees worldwide, Wahl continues to push the boundaries of technology and grooming.

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