Superplex Uniblend Pure Pigments, 50ml

The Insta-color sensation that mixes creativity and technique in a versatile system to freely express all the shades of your own personality and mood, without any compromise.

Ultra-concentrated pure pigments – liquid color that can be blended with any Superplex products for a color boost and reparative treatment. A range of 6 color pigments that can be mixed together for infinite color blends.

Offers a unique and versatile system that allows stylists to customize hair color to any customer’s desire, and integrate it in every single salon service. These pigments create an incredible opportunity for salons to express color creativity in infinite ways. Create made-to-order formulas with the exact color for each client, combining the pigment with any other carrier product.

Now, each client can bring home the hairdresser’s creativity. Build the relationship with each client as they help design the color mix that perfectly suits them.

Color lasts 1-8 washes depending on service, processing time and the amount of pigment used.



Mix pigment with Keratin Bonder Step 2 Conditioner to create a customized color conditioner for your clients. Conditioner acts as a repairing nourisher base while pigment refreshes colour for vibrant results. Perfect for mixing custom color cocktail, a personalized touch for each client to use as maintenance at home.



Colors are made to be blended with any other Superplex product.


Pigments can be mixed together to get the perfect color the stylist is looking for.


Every client can have a personalized look to their exact taste or requirement.


Key benefits:

  • Blend with any Superplex shampoo, conditioner, mask or styling product
  • Intensify color, maintain a shade, correct color, create a custom cocktail – the choice is yours
  • Revives color vibrancy and shine
  • Avoids color drifting
  • Plumps the hair with more bounce and volume
  • Keratin and Polyamino Sugar Condensate strengthens and repairs hair









Damage Gone Forever

The specialist brand for direct treatment of damaged hair. A bond repairing hair care brand that immediately rehabilitates and repairs broken hair bonds caused by exposure to salon chemicals and excessive styling tool heat. The benefits are immediately seen and felt with soft, supple, smooth hair replacing dull, frizzy, brittle hair. Also ideal as a permanent addition to your hair regimen to keep your looks looking and feeling their best. Superplex’s gentle formula allows for long term use for permanent benefits.


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Blue, Cherry Red, Gold, Green, Orange, Violet

Brand Superplex