Special One Color Intensifier Masks, 200ml

Special One Color Intensifier Masks, 200ml. Use if you wish to have a more intensive colour from Bleach & Color Cream. These intensifier masks can be used to give more luxurious & intense colour. These masks can be mixed with others to dilute the colour intensity.

Can be used to enhance an existing shade in the hair or to change the shade in pre-lightened hair. Create unlimited shades by mixing any of the SpecialOneColor® masks together to create any custom shade you desire. The 000 mask is used to dilute more intense masks shades and create pastel colors.


Unlike other direct dyes, SpecialOneColor® masks contain a special alkaline agent which allows the pigments to penetrate the hair cuticle and adhere to the hair for longer-lasting results. SpecialOneColor® masks do not require developer. When formulating, simply choose the desired color masks and apply directly to the hair. Do not add developer to your formulation. If hair has been previously lightened or de-colorized, SpecialOneColor® masks can be used without Bleach&Color®.


How to use:

Choose your desired mask shade(s). If mixing more than 1 mask together, make sure to mix well to ensure even color distribution. Apply the mask to pre-washed, towel-dried hair. Process for 15 – 20 minutes, then thoroughly rinse, shampoo and condition the hair. For optimal results, use on hair that has been previously colored with Bleach&Color®.


How do you use this whole system?

1. If your initial base colour is a level 4, using any one of the 16 Bleach&Color® permament shades achieves the target base color.

2. If you want a more intensive colour, choose any of the 18 SpecialOneColor® semi-permanent shades or a combination of different colours to achieve desired results.

3. Once the Bleach&Color is fully processed, the resultant base colour may be altered and/or enhanced with one or a formulation mixture of SpecialOneColor® Masks. Other makes of fashion colour lines require pre-lightening to a light blonde shade in order for the fashion colours to show up, however, when the colours fade, the base they fade to is usually an uneven, and sometimes “washed out”, leaving an undesirable tone. With Bleach&Color the new base colour is permanent, which means the mask shades will always have those base tones to adhere to, and will never fade to those uneven and undesirable tones.

Example: if your base is a level 4: choose which one of the shades you would like to end up with, then mix.

Remember, depending on the initial colour, condition, and texture of your client’s hair, the colour you achieve using the Bleach&Color may not be your exact target shade, however, the SpecialOneColor® masks give you the creative freedom to create and enhance any shade.

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Special One Blue, Special One Cacoa, Special One Copper, Special One Fuchsia, Special One Golden Copper, Special One Intense Copper, Special One Intense Grey, Special One Intense Red, Special One Intense Violet, Special One Lavender, Special One Light Beige, Special One Magenta, Special One Mahogany, Special One Moka, Special One Platinum, Special One Ruby Red, Special One Very Light Golden Blonde, White

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