Salon Specifics Citrus Wax Cleaner, 300ml

Citric wax cleaner effectively removes wax from any surface including equipment, floors and furniture. Organic wax cleaner with natural extract of citrus with a pleasant orange scent.

This citrus-based formula can be used to clean all types of material, clothing, linen, surfaces and machinery, all without leaving stains, residue or discoloration.

Dispense an amount to a clean, dry cloth until damp. Allow the solvent to soak in for a few seconds, then gently rub area until clean. Use a second dry cloth to dry the area.

Ideal for removing wax residue from any surface, including metal or plastic, floors, or various countertops. Keeps surfaces looking clean, essential for any waxing institution.

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In 1998 – more than 20 years ago – Salon Specifics was launched by Lee-Chem Laboratories. They have spent the last 2 decades as an opportunity to continually test and improve their products to bring you the very best. With Salon Specifics being the preferred choice for the professional beauty therapist, Salon Specifics are proud to say they have created products that are truly exceptional.

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