Salon Fuels Sanitizing Surface Spray, 70% Alcohol

Hospital-grade sanitizing surface spray. Sprays a fine mist of sanitizing solution that quickly and effectively cleans and sanitizes surfaces. Its 70% alcohol base ensures the formula dries very quickly after discharging. Instantly kills germs and bacteria on any surface. No perfume and no colour added.

Please note: frequent use of alcohol based sanitizing spray on salon furniture may cause damage. Alcohol causes the upholstery to dry out, causing discoloration and cracking. As an effective alternative, consider using disposable plastic covers to protect the integrity of your furniture and keep your clients safe.




Industry Staple

Salon Fuels has earned a reputation as being a staple brand in the hair and beauty industry. Offering quality, bulk items at economical price points, Salon Fuels looks to satisfy your needs with efficient and effective solutions. An exclusive range with a number of choices available that are ideal for everyday use. Quality is thoroughly controlled and changes are made to suit the current trends and demands of the industry.

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100ml, 250ml

Brand Salon Fuels


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