Salon Armor Wrist Cuff Rebel with Silver Squares

Salon Armor – Magnetic wrist bands for hair, make-up and nails.

Wrist Cuff Rebel with Silver Square Armorizer®. Strap closes using Hook & Loop and features magnets to hold tools and a smooth, genuine leather shear strap to create a classic look. Unique strap configuration holds scissors, bobby pins, clips, make-up brushes, nail tools and combs or wear it on its own. Soft, durable and lightweight fit. Tools not included.



Proper Positioning:

  • 1. Position wristband below your wrist bone to keep shear handles from hitting your hand.
  • 2. Left Handers wear it on their right arm and will need to turn the band to have better access to their tools.
  • 3. Position first shear slot directly on top of your arm. Second shear slot to the side.
  • 4. Push shears in all of the way!
  • 5. Shears with a tension screw need to be turned to one side then back to enter the sleeve.
  • 6. Sanitize the wristband with non-bleach medical grade anti-bacterial wipes such as Barbicide between each client.


Will I stab myself?

Your arm does not bend so shears stay parallel to your arm.

Will the shears fall out?

As long as the shears are pushed in the sleeve all of the way, they will not fall out. You can feel the pull of the magnet.

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Brand Salon Armor