OSMO Curl Revival Revitalising Conditioner, 400ml

A nourishing conditioner that helps to detangle and soften strands on curly hair types that can be coarse in texture.

This lightweight formula enhances the natural definition and shape of curls, increasing shine in the process. Curly are left silky, free of tangles and soft to the touch.

Key ingredients:

  • Resurrection Flower Extract: Adds volume for thicker looking curls. Moisture is provided to the scalp and is locked in to leave hair soft and shiny. Frizz is reduced as the hair cuticle is sealed
  • Avocado Oil: An excellent lubricator for hair strands, preventing breakage and tangles. Packed with nutrients for an overall improvement of hair health and wellbeing of curls. Scalp issues like dandruff are mitigated.

How to use:

Apply to wet hair. Rake through the hair in sections using fingers or large comb. Continue until hair makes a squelching sound when squeezed. Rinse out partly or fully according to your curl pattern. For drier curls, leave formula in hair. For looser curls, partially rinse.

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Waves, Waves, Waves

Curls, Curls, Curls

Coils, Coils, Coils

OSMO Curl Revival caters to the specific care needs of the 3 main curl types WAVES / CURLS / COILS.

This range was inspired by the Curly Girl Method, a popular hair routine developed for anyone with natural waves, curls and coils. This routine is ideal for those who struggle to maintain the natural beauty of this hair type. The goal is to maximize the structure, flow, texture and health of this hair for truly amazing results. All six products in the range are formulated to bring curls back to life.

  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • Drying Alcohol Free
  • Silicone Free
  • Intensely Nourishing
  • Paraben Free
  • Highly Moisturizing
  • Sulphate Free
  • Bespoke Curl System

Following the Curly Girl Method

Follow the Curly Girl Method to avoid common damaging habits normally associated with curl care routines. Focus on cleansing conditioning and natural styling instead of harsh cleansers and high heat stylers.

First, identify your curl type:

From that, the product guides below offer a general recommendation for the range, depending on your curl type. This can be completely personal and it’s all about narrowing down what works for your hair type

Generally, wavy hair need the lowest upkeep for keeping styles lasting and defined.
Naturally curly hair needs more input to maintain the tightness of the curl and keep that corkscrew look.
Coils or kinks need the most attention out all curl types as they are the tightest curl type, and keeping that shape defined needs more attention.

Once you have identified your curl type and have an idea of what regimen you want to use, keeping your curl shape is easier than ever.

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