Olivia Garden NanoThermic Flex Paddle Display: 12 Brushes & Stand

Olivia Garden NanoThermic Flex Paddle Brush 12 Piece Collection. Complete with specialized brush display showcasing the range for retail purposes.

Includes 4 of each:

  • Ionic & 100% Boar Bristles (12174) – Comfortable ball-point tips for styling and smoothing. Also great for extensions.
  • Ionic Bristles (12175) – Ball-point tips that are gentle on the scalp for detangling and styling with anti-static technology.
  • 100% Boar Bristles (12176) – For straightening and touch-ups. Gentle on hair and scalp for a smooth, shiny finish.


The latest technologies combined to create the most advanced professional hair brush. Flexible vented detangler with a unique, double-curve shape which hugs the scalp for greater comfort and superior styling control.

Brush gets much closer to the scalp and extra-large vents allow greater airflow. NanoThermic technology allows the brush to withstand very high temperatures which makes it ideal for styling with hot tools.

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Olivia Garden

Olivia Garden’s extensive product collection features a huge variety of high quality professional salon hair brushes with the latest technologies, innovative features & ergonomic designs to create long-lasting superior styling results. There will always be a brush for every styling situation.


Not sure which brush is right for you? Check out this handy guide.

Find out which brush is right for your hair type and desired style with Olivia Garden’s mobile Hair Brush Guide App. Provides a fast, simple and customized guide.


Need help cleaning your brushes? See below for Olivia Garden’s brush cleaners:

Need a place to store your brush collection? Click here for Olivia Garden’s gift bag or here for their wire basket brush organiser.


Dual-Curve Shape

Perfectly hugs scalp

Provides incredible comfort & superior styling control

Every bristle actively styles with each stroke

Provides intense scalp massage


Latest Ceramic Technology

Heats up faster & retains heat longer

Achieves better & long-lasting hairstyles

Flexible Vented Head Design

Adjusts tension based on hair type to hug scalp

Easier & gentler detangling

Extra large vents allow better airflow

Reduces drying time


Unique Handle Design

Snag-free ring

Easy-grip ergonomic handle

Lightweight for effortless styling

Retractable sectioning pick


Dual-Curve Shape:

Perfectly hugs the scalp for incredible comfort & superior styling control. Every bristle is actively styling with each stroke. Provides great scalp massage.

Latest Ceramic Technology:

Heats up faster & retains heat longer. Achieves superior & long-lasting hairstyles.

Tourmaline Ion Technology:

Hydrates the cuticle. Adds more shine to the hair. Eliminates frizz & fly-aways.

Flexible Vented Head Design:

Adjusts tension based on hair type. Easier & gentler detangling. Extra-large vents allow greater airflow. Reduces drying time.

Unique Handle Design:

Unique snag-free ring. Easy-grip ergonomic handle for greater overall comfort. Retractable sectioning pick.


Ionic & 100% Boar Bristles

Comfortable ball point tips

Ideal for styling & smoothing

Great for extensions


Ionic Bristles

Ball-point tips are gentle on scalp

Ideal for detangling & styling



100% Boar Bristles

For straightening & styling touch-ups

Very gentle on hair & scalp

Smooth & shiny finish

Unmatched Quality

Having established themselves as one of the most well known and respected brands for hair styling tools, Olivia Garden have cemented their place in the hair and beauty industry for absolute quality, style and aesthetics. This respect is known worldwide with Olivia Garden brushes and other styling tools often being used by celebrity hairdressers to prepare starts for award shows, fashion events and high profile gatherings.

Proud History

Founded in 1967, Olivia Garden has celebrated over 50 years of excellence and have always relied on the principles of providing hairdressers and the public with high quality, innovative, beautiful and cutting-edge salon tools. Today, Olivia Garden enjoys a position as market leader and has earned over 55 patents making its products widely popular with hairdressers in more than 102 countries. This is as a result of unrivalled pride in research and development which has led to many market-leading products.

Olivia Garden are also the tools of choice for professionals used backstage at New York Fashion Week and are often spotted on TV shows, movie sets and used by celebrity stylists worldwide. Olivia Garden brushes and other tools have also appeared in many style and culture magazines.

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12 Pieces

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