KAYPRO Black To White Anti Yellow/Orange Bleaching Powder

PREMIUM BLEACHING POWDER WITH BAMBOO VEGETABLE CHARCOAL is formulated to obtain the lightest, purest blonde, with perfect tonal characteristics and healthy, strong and shiny hair. Achieve maximum lightening with maximum hair protection to neutralize undesired yellow/orange highlights.

Provides 9 + 2 levels of lightening, from dark hair to lightest blonde without orange or yellow reflections traces both in natural and cosmetically coloured hair. Thanks to the balanced formula in lightening and preservative elements, levels never obtained before can be reached, in a short time, without the need for toning, all while keeping the hair fiber in excellent condition.


  • Maximum lightening
  • Maximum protection for the hair
  • After bleaching, hair is bright and shiny in cold blonde shades
  • Perfect for all techniques and all types of hair
  • Provides 11 levels of lightening
  • Extraordinary results even with 20 vol and 30 vol oxidising emulsions – 9 levels of lightening for bleaching, 2 of which levels cancel in chromatic sum the unaesthetic yellow/orange tones
  • Does not create stripes


Stop processing the hair exactly when you want with Malibu C de-ox. Instantly stops processing and normalizes porosity.




To obtain best results, the application technique involves oxidizing cream with a laying time of 25/30 minutes on base 6 dark blonde. On darker bases, the laying time can vary from 30 to 45 minutes (even 30 vol or 40 vol depending on the starting base). With a root application, it is suggested to use 20 vol. A progressive visual check is recommended until the desired lightening is achieved.


  • Wear suitable disposable protective gloves.
  • Mix in a non-metallic bowl 1 part of powder + 2 parts of oxidizing cream (10 vol – 3%, 20  vol – 6%, 30 vol – 9%, 40 vol –  12%) – choose the oxygen volumes according to the desired lightening levels, and the nature and structure of the hair.
  • Mix with a spatula or a brush until a cream with a homogeneous consistency is reached.
  • After mixing, apply immediately to dry, unwashed hair.
  • Lightening level reached can be 6/7 levels with a processing time of 45 minutes, 9 levels with a processing time of 90 minutes at room temperature 20°C, or 11 levels in 90 minutes with moderate heating at 37°C- 39°C (body temperature).
  • In any case, it is possible to reach 11 levels at room temperature by removing the inactive bleaching mixture from the hair and reapplying a new mixture with a further 20 minutes of processing time.


Processing Time:

  • 6/7 levels of lightening in 45 minutes at room temperature
  • 9 levels of lightening in 90 minutes at room temperature
  • 10/11 levels of lightening in 90 minutes at 37°C – 39°C
  • 10/11 levels of lightening in 90 + 20 minutes at room temperature

It is advisable to check the lightening action during the processing time, as it can depend on the desired effect, the application base, the condition of the hair and the temperature of the environment.

The counter-color effect must be evaluated at each application with a constant and frequent visual check. Upon reaching the lightening level, rinse thoroughly with warm water, eliminating any product residue and perform a light shampoo. This allows the hair to remain strong in its structure and soft to the touch. Alternatively, use Malibu C de-ox to instantly stop further processing. It is possible to tone the hair after having rinsed the bleach and cleansed. Close the package tightly after use and store in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources.


Application Tips:

  • For streaks, it is recommend to use synthetic sheets because tin foil (metal) is not compatible with oxidizing products.
  • For total bleaching treatments, it is recommended not to use the oxidizing emulsion 40 vol.
  • After bleaching and before applying any type of toning, it is advisable to shampoo lightly.
  • For total bleaching, it is suggested to work near the regrowth, starting from the nape of the neck at low volumes (10 vol. – 20 vol.) and increase the volume for the front of the head (maximum 30 vol.).
  • The volumes of the oxiding emulsion on colored hair remain the same, and the variability of the reflection depends on the starting base and the residual red-orange color.



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