Jaguar Black Line Vision Offset Scissor

The Jaguar Vision is perfect for professional hairdressers with very high standards for their scissors in a smaller blade size for freedom of movement. The Vision is nimble, seamless to use and comfortable to use during busy working hours.

Part of Jaguar’s Jaguar’s Black Line, the pinnacle of Jaguar design and materials. Scissors in this line are made from micro carbide steel for maximum, almost permanent sharpness thanks to its convex Friodur® blade with fully integrated edge. These scissors have extreme wear resistance and stability, ensuring an incredibly long working life.

Razor-sharp blades are made from micro carbide steel with fully integrated cutting edges on its convex blade. The result is a fully integrated cutting edge blade experience.

Special ice-hardening process creates a Friodur ® blade, hard and durable steel with intense sharpness that is virtually permanent. The hardness and sharpness is even across the blade, meaning no regrinding is needed for a long time. The very sharp cutting angle is perfect for slicing.

Vision is small but mighty, fitting into the hands of almost anyone thanks to its ergonomic handle shape. Its finger hooks ensure premium guidance security. The thumb eye is angled for more relaxed working. Does not have finger ring inserts for a smooth, more visceral feeling with the scissor. Features Jaguar’s smart spin screw system for precise adjustment of the movement. Once the gear is correctly set, minimum pressure is needed to close the scissor. Thus, opening, closing and cutting is smooth and gentle.

The offset position of the two scissor rings relieves tension in the muscles of the arm, neck and shoulders. Cutting becomes comfortable and effortless.

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Terms & Conditions

All scissor defects and requests of return must be reported within 48 hours of receipt. Scissors must be in their original packaging and unused.

The offset position of the two scissor rings relieves tension in the muscles of the arm, neck, and shoulders. Cutting becomes comfortable and effortless.


The BLACK LINE range of scissors is for hairdressers with outstanding demands on their tools. These are the highest quality scissors from Jaguar. Thanks to unmatched production and components, these scissors will effortlessly handle any cutting situation there is without breaking a sweat, and they are designed to last a lifetime.

Only BLACK LINE scissors have the privilege of being made with MICRO CARBIDE steel, and the cutting blade being undergoing the four-step FRIODUR® ice-hardening process. This results in exceptional wear resistance, high cutting edge stability, incomparable ease of movement and almost permanent, maximum sharpness.



German Engineering from Solingen

Jaguar has been at the forefront of the hair industry for many years, known worldwide for their absolute precision German technology and development for some of the most renowned styling tools in the industry. Absolute professional excellence for the quality-minded customer.

Made in Solingen, Germany. Jaguar have been at the forefront of the hair equipment industry for many years, world-renowned for their extremely well-made styling tools that are designed to work at optimum performance for many years. A perfect combination of reliability and incredible performance and style.




International Success

Jaguar is known for their high quality products with a large number of patents, making them one of the world’s leading manufacturers. Today, professionals in over 80 countries around the world use different Jaguar products. Jaguar’s Solingen manufacturing plant features 200 employees and produces up to 2,000 scissors per day. Jaguar also applies this dedication and efficiency to the other styling tools they produce which includes hairdryers, combs, clippers, bags, razors and straighteners.

One of the most important hair styling tools is the scissor. A standard haircut has scissor blades close and open up to 1000 times. To make cutting as relaxed as possible, Jaguar scissors are manufactured in accordance with strict quality standards:

  • Selection of high-quality stainless steel
  • Ergonomically optimized design
  • Smoothness, sharpness and manageability

Jaguar makes use of the very latest computer-controlled machines for production. However, the manual craftsmanship of their specialists is still indispensable today with more than 120 operations including several quality controls are carried out for each product.




Scissor Care Tips

To maintain the quality of your scissors in the best possible way, they need to be cared for properly. Jaguar scissors are made exclusively for cutting natural hair.

The most important tip is to handle your scissors with care. Hard blows, such as dropping on hard surfaces, can damage the scissors. When not in use, scissors should always be stored in a closed position, be dry and placed on a soft underground like a tools mat or in a scissor pouch or bag. These can be found here.

In addition to the careful handling of the scissors, here are some daily care tips:

  • Clean the blades and the pivot area of scissor after every use with a soft cloth. Apply a drop of Jaguar Scissor Oil to the pivot area. To distribute the oil, open and close the scissors several times. The oil ensures smoother operation, longer-lasting sharpness and optimal cutting performance.
  • Check the cutting tension by carefully opening and closing the scissors. Once the tension has been optimally adjusted, you can to gently close the blades of the scissors so they do not fall shut and while cutting and that you only need to assert a minimum amount of pressure to close the scissors.


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