Hairware Safari Cushion Brush Set: 5 Brushes & Stand

Set of 5 brushes with different pattern finishes, complete with a stand for storage. Striking design, ideal for retail purposes. Classic cushion brush design for comfortable styling. Features varied safari designs with foam stand for upright presentation. Ideal for retail purposes.

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Professional & Affordable Brushes

As a majorly popular choice for professionals, Hairware has proudly produced brushes for many years at the highest quality while maintaining affordable prices so no one is left behind. Over the years, Hairware has expanded their range of brushes to include every possible type and size of brush to accommodate any need. From radials to vented brushes to paddles, Hairware has what it takes to give you a great hair day every single day.
Hairware is one of the most popular hair brush brands in the South African hair industry. Used and trusted by countless stylists and hairdressers each day, the brand has earned its top spot as a go-to choice. Since these brushes need to excel in a professional setting with countless hair types and conditions, Hairware brushes are built to last and provide peak performance every time you pick it up.

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5 Pieces

Brand Hairware