Diane Invent Gun Metal Offset

Premium quality Japanese steel scissor for seamless cutting performance. Incredible sharpness, cutting strength and flexibility achieved with perfectly-smooth, beveled edges when blades converge. This perfect alignment also provides a quiet cut.

Convex blade with hand-honed, hollow-ground convex edge with a highly specialized design where the entire scissor itself is one piece of steel. This greatly improves long term durability, performance and maintenance. Ergonomic design with its offset design and comfortable handle to prevent discomfort and carpal tunnel syndrome by angling the finger and thumb in a natural position.

Blade and handle cut makes this shear perfect for blunt and layer cuts. Shear that is easy to handle and maintain for long term cutting perfection. Ideal for all hair types and can be used on wet and dry hair for extra-smooth cutting.

Entire shear has a polished gun metal grey finish to protect integrity of design from wear and tear and to provide protection for those with nickel allergies.


The offset position of the two scissor rings relieves tension in the muscles of the arm, neck and shoulders. Cutting becomes comfortable and effortless.



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Gun Metal Grey


5.75 inch, 6.25 inch


Scissor, Thinner

Brand Diane