Contempora Vegan Restructuring Spray, 200ml

Treatment spray for brittle and dull hair types. Hair with these ailments can be a result from exposure to harmful chemicals, excessive heat styling, lengthy UV ray exposure, or a number of other reasons. When hair is in this state, external help is the best remedy for quick relief. This spray is the last step in the Restructuring line for rehabilitation.

Following the use of shampoo and conditioner, this restructuring spray adds the finishing touches. It can also be used separately on its own. Keratin is deposited onto the hair and this has a restructuring and sealing action on the hair. Hair looks and feels hydrated and full, with the added benefit of environmental protection. Ideal to use before styling or when you feel hair looks duller and less vibrant. Hair is further protected from breakage and an intense shine is created on the hair surface.

The keratin is derived from a natural complex of peptides from pea, rice and soy. This is an excellent restructuring and conditioning agent for the hair shaft and surface. Another key ingredient is Opuntia Oil extracted from a type of prickly pear cactus. Opuntia gives hair a unique shine and softness, while also adding protection for hair thanks to its antioxidant, regenerative and hydrating properties.

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Restructuring Line

Dull and brittle hair can definitely benefit from some external help. The Restructuring Line performs a regenerating effect on this hair type, increasing the amount of keratin in the hair fiber for better strength and resilience.



Dull and brittle hair looks and feels full and healthy, and with added strength against the elements.


Vegetable Keratin



Natural complex of peptides derived from Pea, Rice and Soy

An excellent restructuring and conditioning agent for the hair shaft and surface



Opuntia Oil



Gives hair a unique shine and softness

Adds protection for hair thanks to antioxidant, regenerative and hydrating properties





Quality, affordability and effective – three qualities rarely found in hair care products. However, this is Contempora’s speciality. Originating from Italy, the home of cutting-edge hair industry revelations. Contempora’s philosophy is to provide efficient and potent hair products at a lower price point than direct competitors while maintaining a professional quality and feel.


Beginning as an economical brand in Italy, Contempora produces a wide array of specialised shampoos, conditioners and masks for every hair type and problem area while being great for daily use for healthy, radiant hair. Specialised formulas allow the brand to be competitively priced for those who need their products to last longer without sacrificing quality. The perfect choice for those who need a professional-quality brand for problem hair or everyday use at an affordable price.


Additional information




Added Shine, Moisturizing and Hydrating


Damaged Hair and Spilt Ends, Dry Hair, Dull Hair

Brand Contempora

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