Bridal Headpiece Alice Band Crown with Zircon (2.2cm)

Classic metal Alice band adorned with zircon stones for a more luxurious and special wearing experience. Zircon stones are designed to meet in the middle with a beautiful centrepiece. Each stone is 2.2cm long and the band is lined with them across almost the entire wire. Light reflects off stones for eye-catching results. Includes two pins for better style management.

What is zircon? This natural gemstone is often confused with cubic zirconia, a synthetic gemstone. Zircon is a magnificent gemstone that has been used in jewellery pieces since ancient times. This gem has such a brilliant sparkle that it is often used instead of diamonds, and at a fraction of the cost. This piece features colourless zircon stones, and will look absolutely stunning when incorporated into a hairstyle.

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Brand Beauty Pro