Brasil Cacau Anti Frizz Conditioner

A calming and moisturizing conditioner containing keratin that perfectly complements the Anti Frizz Shampoo. Use directly after the shampoo for frizz, static and fly-away control. Works to immediately seal the hair cuticles after using the shampoo. This gives the hair a smoother and shinier look while reducing frizz further.

A popular choice for those who have had a straightening and smoothing keratin reconstruction treatment. Active ingredients extend the lifespan of a keratin treatment by removing frizz and static. Also suitable for those who have not had any treatment as it will act the same way by limiting frizz and increasing shine.

Ideal for coarse, unruly locks with frizz and static that prevents styling. Use consistently for visible reduction of frizz for a more uniform hair structure that is more manageable and easier to style. Protects the hair from environmental stress that can cause frizz such as humidity and UV ray exposure.

How to use: Apply to hair and massage from roots to tips. Leave in the hair for a few minutes. The amount of time left in the hair will depend on hair type, thickness and severity of frizz and static. This conditioner can occasionally be substituted with the Hydrating Hair Complex for more intense moisture and frizz control.

Tip: For an instant shot of additional shine, moisture and shine, apply the Shine Serum or Acai Therapy Oil.


Aftercare products ideal for use after a Brazilian keratin treatment. Essential for optimal quality, integrity and longevity of the treatment so it looks and feels better for longer. Also ideal for untreated hair. Brasil Cacau’s range of aftercare products are specifically developed to reduce frizz, tame fly-away strands, improve and maintain hair straightness and introduce long term shine.


Unsure what a Brazilian hair treatment is or have questions? Make sure to consult our Frequently Asked Questions page. Learn all the do’s and don’ts of Brasil Cacau.
For a full set of instructions regarding how to apply a Brazilian hair treatment, consult our Brasil Cacau Technical Guide.




Get Fabulous with Perfect, Straight Hair

Authentic hair care solutions straight from Brazil. A legacy brand, Brasil Cacau is one of the most popular straightening and smoothing treatments. Introducing a range of products for unmatched reduction of frizz for fabulously silky-straight hair that is easy to style and maintain. Spanning over 70 countries, Brasil Cacau has allowed everyone to achieve their hair dreams.

Brasil Cacau’s Variety of Benefits

Brasil Cacau’s extensive range of products have transformed hair from dull to amazing for decades. Every product is easy to use and highly effective for all hair types. They reduce frizz, improve shine, extend the life of keratin treatments, repair damaged and dry hair, restore the hair’s natural elasticity, and protect the hair from environmental exposure damage. Whatever your need, Brasil Cacau has something perfect for you.

Hair Health & Beauty offers the full range of Brasil Cacau products – including the three-step professional Brazilian Keratin Treatment kit – at competitive prices. Available only to registered salons and hair and beauty professionals in South Africa.


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300ml, 1 Litre


Silkier Hair, Smoother


Controlling Frizz

Brand Brasil Cacau