BIG Professional Permanent Colour Moda, 200ml

BIG Professional Permanent Colour Moda (Mix 1+1 1/2)

  • EU Compliance approved
  • Dermatologically tested – pure, clean and simple
  • Clinically verified for ammonia vapor reduction
  • Fragrance free, gluten free, SLS free, paraben free
  • Vegan friendly – tested only on humans
  • Sustainable, economical and ecologically beneficial
  • Reduces up to 50% color processing times
  • Lifts and deposits without bond breakage or damage
  • Pigment-rich, deep, long-lasting, Italian color
  • Technological innovation for safer chemical applications
  • Professional maxi sizes reduce over 75% of packaging bulk waste into the environment


Custom Combine | Mix-&-Match | Multi-Functional | Adjustable Mixing Ratios & Timing Options


Open Creativity Formulation:

Create customized finishes with one formula just by adjusting your timing and mixing ratios.

  • Leave warm tones on longer for more of a rich, brown tone

  • Cooler tones left on longer have a more light reflective warm tone

3 mixing ratios to give you the perfect amount of pigment saturation:

  • 1:1 for the most intense, opaque coverage

  • 1:1½ for a more natural, translucent coverage

  • 1:2 for an opalescent coverage (ideal for toning pale blondes)

Natural, true-to-tone, translucent gray coverage in as little as 10-15 minutes.




BIG SUPER SONIC PRO.COLOR reduces up to 90% ammonia vapor inhalation and irritation due to revolutionary BioKinetic Technology “NH3 ”CONTROL.

The natural surfactants and lipids in the aqueous solution are electromagnetically charged to form Micelle. These Micellar structures are capable of attracting, absorbing and containing the ammonia molecules in its gaseous form at the time of activation, promoting the oxide-reduction process between dye and oxidant cream.

The encapsulated gaseous ammonia is locked into the coloring cream and transported directly into the hair shaft where it gently and naturally opens the cuticles, accelerating internal oxidation to lift and pigment copulation. Once the color deposit and development processes are completed the hydro-soluble formula is easily carried away by water leaving no residues.



No more tears or irritation from ammonia vapors:

A professional hair color that significantly reduces ammonia vapor inhalation and irritation for more comfort and wellness. Reduces ammonia inhalation & irritation by up-to 90%.

Healthier, safer color services:

Safer hair color and lightening alternatives by reducing chemical exposure. NH3 Ccontrol Ammonia Encapsulation Technology for ammonia performance without the ammonia vapors.

Soft, natural color in half the time of normal colors:

Less time investment for customers as colorists have the option to produce beautiful hair color in half the time of standard hair colors. Features 99.9% pure, ultra-refined pigment precursors that instantly enter, cluster and fuse with the hair’s amino acid keratin protein structures for the least harmful, most beautiful cosmetic hair color.

Improves elasticity and shine:

Bond Building Formulation protects the ionic, hydrogen and disulfide bonds during color processing, leaving hair strong while the A-BkC Complex adds suppleness, resilience and luster to hair. Lifts and deposits protecting against chemical bond breakage or damage.

Personalized Color:

BIG Professional was created to mix and blend for hand-tailored color services, as opposed to one, flat, all-over color from a single tube or box as color formulas are not one size-fits-all for all people and services. Features multi-functional, adaptable mixing ratios and timing option.

Natural translucency with softer grow-outs:

Clients can see and feel the difference as their hair quality improves over time. The natural, multi-chromatic appearance of BIG Professional color grows out with softer blended lines of demarcation.

More savings, more compliments, more time:

By following their stylist’s prescription for color and maintenance, clients will actually find they spend less time and money to look better than if they did their hair at home. Professional sizes, less waste, reduced inventory.

Amazing benefits:

Recreates cuticles and seals color, smooths static and frizz, repairs damage, prevents split ends, moisturizes and emulsifies dry hair, strengthens fragile hair, adds luster, improve softness and silkiness, improves detangling and manageability, keeps hair youthful and elastic, provides UV and environmental protection.

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