3Claveles Nail Scissor Pink Floral, 9cm

Nail clippers sometimes just don’t do the trick. Sometimes you need extra precision and detailing work, and a nail scissor gives you just that. Ideal for intricate nail shaping work, this nail scissor lets you trim very fine areas of the nail surface to get it looking exactly as you want. The blades converge towards the precision tip, giving you a better sight line for crafting perfect nail designs. As an added bit of flair, the handles feature a beautiful pink floral design.

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3Claveles are professional manicure and pedicure implement manufacturers, offering superior quality and finish at affordable prices.



Quality Forged Since 1930

Quality forged hair and skin tools since 1930. Absolute quality from a state-of-the-art factory. Recognised as one of the top 5 scissor manufacturers in the world. Each and every item is designed, manufactured and shipped from Logroño, a small city in Spain. This keeps every part of the process controlled and perfected over the decades to produce amazing quality tools and implements. Traditional methods with moder technology has produced top-of-the-line tools for all needs.




Trend Setters

With a huge array of diverse hair, skin and beauty tools, take your personal care to the next level with a company that have set the trends for decades with their innovation, technology, manufacturing and range. No matter the situation, 3Claveles have a solution for you.



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Pink Floral



Brand 3Claveles