Dryer Holders

Keep your hair dryers safe

The moment you acquire a hair dryer, you may develop a worry about how to keep it safe and in working order for as long as possible. This worry only grows when you start purchasing more premium dryers that are greater investments for your hairdressing business. The most common reason for hair dryer failure isn’t improper use in the middle of a service, it is drop damage. A dropped hair dryer can ruin the motor or other sensitive electronics in the casing. Avoiding a crash to the floor should be your primary concern in a busy salon with bodies moving around all day. The most effective way of doing this is with hair dryer holders.

These holders are specially designed to house dryers in safe locations. Since the holder requires the dryer to be placed from the top, it is much less likely to take a tumble to the floor. These dryer holders are also mostly attached to the wall with screws, allowing you to place them in quieter areas with less movement and traffic.