Hair Dryers

A professional salon hair dryer is arguably the most important tool for any stylist. We have one of the largest ranges of professional hair dryers in South Africa.


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Showing 1–36 of 63 results

Choosing a professional salon hair dryer

These are the most important factors to consider when selecting the best hair salon hair dryers.


Your dryer should be fast and efficient to hasten drying time.


Choose a dryer with at least three speed and heat settings. You can adjust it according to your client’s hair type and the style.


Opt for a dryer with an AC motor rather than a standard DC motor. An AC motor is more durable and the air velocity much more powerful. Choose 1875 watts and higher for salon use.

Ergonomic design

To avoid aching arms and hands, a good salon hair dryer must be light and easy to hold.

Important features

You will use your hair dryer for hours on end on a daily basis. Choose a top brand with a reputation for quality. Your dryer must withstand heavy use and daily wear and tear, so it should have a good manufacturer’s warranty.

Consider extra features such as a cool-shot button, a wall-mounted holder, a range of interchangeable nozzles and a cord extender.

We have salon hair dryers for sale – and brushes – so register your trade account online and have your order delivered directly to your door.

Hair Health & Beauty offers a range of professional hair salon hair dryers online in South Africa, at the best prices.