WetBrush Combs

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Showing all 9 results

WetBrush Hair Brushes supplier

Hair Health & Beauty is a wholesale WetBrush combs supplier. We offer a comprehensive range of models, sizes and brush types.

For professional salon use

WetBrush combs are the perfect choice of brush for salon use.

For example, browse the Pro Epic range for a full range of specialised, professional hair brushes and carbonite combs.

These brushes are lightweight, durable and super-effective for detangling, drying and styling hair.

For resale

With a large and regularly updated range of beautiful prints and designs to choose from, they make perfect retail items for salons.

They’re popular with customers for personal use and as gifts. WetBrush seasonal ranges – including a Valentine’s Day collection – are especially good sellers in the lead-up to holidays.

They’re also simply ideal for kids. Because they detangle even thick, curly hair painlessly and with little to no tugging, they’re well-loved by parents. WetBrush Disney collections are among our best sellers.

We also offer mini and key-ring models. Our bridal range is popular too.

Wholesale in South Africa

Register for a trade account with Hair Health & Beauty (if you don’t already have one) to order online, for delivery in South Africa.