Tanning Mousse

Tanning mousse is easy to apply, dries quickly and offers a natural-looking, streak-free finish. The mousse formula ensures even coverage and a long-lasting golden glow, perfect for achieving a sun-kissed complexion.

Features of the best tanning mousse products

It’s worth opting for high-quality tanning products, to ensure natural-looking results and to protect clients’ skin from potentially harmful or drying ingredients.

Tanning that’s good for the skin

Of course, self-tanning products are safer than extended exposure to UV rays. But not all formulas are beneficial for skin.

The best self- tanning mousse products hydrate the skin; are free of parabens and alcohol (which can both have a drying effect); and are suitable for all skin types.

They are also formulated with vitamins and antioxidants known for their anti-aging, skin tightening and softening properties.

Mousse for even tanning

A mousse formula is designed to ensure even coverage, helping minimise the risk of streaks or patches.

Natural-looking tans with no “orange”

With a high-quality product, you won’t run the risk of horrible orange or unnatural results. Instead, the right tanning mousse achieves the perfect medium to dark tan, simulating the effects of prolonged, gentle sun exposure – without any risk of skin damage due to UV rays.

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