Spa Hygiene

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Showing 1–36 of 50 results

Essential accessories for spa sessions


Maintaining spa hygiene and cleanliness during professional sessions is a primary source of comfort for your clients. Your clients are put at ease when they see you maintaining proper hygiene throughout any service, and shows to them that you care about your craft. A return visit is inevitable after adopting a few key necessities into your routines. They do not take up too much time, and they are not a huge investment, but the difference to your clients is noticeable.

Some of the key hygiene products to consider are facial masks. These have been a staple in the industry for years, and are a great way of preventing any spittle from making contact with the client when in close proximity. Disposable rolls and sheets are also a must. Client want to feel cared for, any seeing you replace sheets for them specially is a great way of making them comfortable. Head covers are also great, headbands or shower caps. This can be for you or the client. This is great for keeping hair away during services.

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