Eye Pads

Hair Health & Beauty is a wholesale eye pads supplier to the beauty industry in South Africa. Buy under-eye patches and eye pads in bulk to make savings and ensure you always have stock.

Our collection includes eye pads for spas and eye pads for beauty salons, as well as hydrogel under-eye patches.

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Showing all 5 results

Eye pads and under-eye patches are increasingly popular products with clients who need help relieving puffy, tired, stressed eyes.

Skin around the eyes contains fewer sebaceous glands and is thinner than skin elsewhere on the face. This makes it prone to dryness, irritation, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

Eye pads for spas and beauty salons

Professional eye pads hydrate, nourish and soothe the skin to reduce puffiness and help eyes look and feel clear and rested.

Our collection of professional eye pads for spas and beauty salons are formulated with active ingredients such as chamomile, soothing aloe vera and anti-aging green tea. Use eye pads to cool and calm eyes while doing facials.

Hydrogel under-eye patches

We’re also a wholesale supplier of hydrogel under-eye patches. The delicate blend of concentrated ingredients in a hydrogel medium creates the perfect under-eye patch treatment for inflamed, damaged or irritated skin.

Hydrogel patches hold more moisture than traditional cotton pads. This allows the skin to better absorb the nutrients in the patch and boost hydration. Results last longer and the skin is left looking and feeling plump.

Hair Health & Beauty is a wholesale eye pads supplier. Simply register your business for a trade account to access our full range of eye pads, along with all the other professional hair and beauty supplies you need.