Spa Spatulas and Bowls

Whether mixing or heating oils, lotions or creams, or applying face masks and body treatments, spa mixing bowls and wholesale cosmetic spatulas are must-have tools for beauty therapists.

Hair, Health & Beauty offers a range of rigid and flexible wholesale cosmetic mixing bowls and spatulas for spas, skin clinics and beauty salons.

A safe way to mix spa treatments

Spa treatments are heavily reliant on liquids. This can be masks, lotions, scrubs and toners for different areas of the skin. These formulas often require some kind of mixing or movement in a bowl to activate the ingredients. It is important to have the right housing for these liquids so they can be safely stored and used when needed. Our selection of spa spatulas and bowls will do the trick.

These products are made of hardy plastic to withstand to stresses of busy spas. Choose from a variety of bowl volumes to suit your needs exactly. Our range of spatulas are of different sizes and shapes to match what you are mixing in the bowl. Shop spa spatulas and bowls here.