Acrylic Nail Powder

Choose from a range of professional acrylic nail powder in a range of finishes – ideal for beauty salons, nail technicians and manicurists.

Showing all 8 results

Showing all 8 results

Professional acrylic nail powders

Our range of professional acrylic nail powder for salons includes colour powders, chrome finish powders, glitter powders, colour gels, glitter colour gel, glitter dust and holographic acrylic powders.

This kind of powder is mixed with acrylic liquid to become spreadable and mouldable, so it can be applied to nails. The acrylic mixture then hardens and paint or decorations can be added on top.

Wholesale options

Hair Health & Beauty is an official supplier. We also offer a full range of other nail and manicure supplies.

To buy acrylic nail powder online, simply register for a trade account (if you don’t already have one). Choose the supplies you need and we’ll deliver to your door.