Nail Accessories

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Showing 1–36 of 51 results

Supplier of nail accessories in South Africa

We supply a range of nail accessories for professional use by salons, nail technicians and independent beauticians.  These include UV lamps, nail polish organisers, brush holders, colour selectors, cases and more.

The right tools make it easier to achieve superior results. They also keep supplies organised and within easy reach. They make life easier for beauty professionals  and they help create attractive, uncluttered environments  for serving customers.

We also offer a complete range of nail polishes (gel and acrylic), nail art, nail treatments, nail tips and professional nail tools.

Wholesale professional supplier

As a trade-only supplier, we specialise in meeting the needs of hair, health and beauty professionals. To order from our range of professional nail products and accessories, simply register a trade account and place your order online for direct, convenient delivery to your premises.