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Our wide selection of barber tools includes everything the professional barber needs, from clippers and trimmers to neck and beard brushes. We stock top international brands including Diane and Wahl.


Showing 1–36 of 85 results

Showing 1–36 of 85 results

Choose top quality barber tools

Being a barber today involves being an artist. You need to be able to give your client the facial hair design they want. Some of today’s looks have very descriptive names:

  • mutton chops beard
  • gunslinger beard and moustache
  • Balbo beard
  • short boxed beard
  • anchor beard.

To achieve these precision cuts, you need the right barber tools. Firstly, you need a pair of top-quality professional scissors. The sharp, precise blades of professional shears guarantee a clean edge. You’ll probably know if you prefer classic or offset handles. Just make sure you invest in quality shears that allow precise and effortless cutting.

You’ll also need a nose and moustache scissor. This is designed for very accurate detailing of facial hair and taming fly-aways.

Best hair and beard brushes

Our barber equipment store includes an extensive range of brushes. As well as hair brushes, our collection includes neck brushes, beard and moustache grooming brushes, military wave brushes, palm brushes and wet brushes.

Many of our brushes have natural bristles, often boar hair. This makes the brush ideal for distributing natural oils so the hair is softer and shinier.

Top trimmers

The latest trimmers have a multi-position blade that is capable of achieving anything from soft trim to a hard line with a simple flick of the lever. You can blend, taper and create extremely fine detailing and line trimming. The results will satisfy your customers every time.

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