Shaving Brushes

The key to luxurious shave lather

Modern shaving gels and soaps are formulated to provide quality lubrication for razor blades to effectively cut hair without resistance. They also provide protection for the skin so the ultra-sharp blades do not cause unnecessary irritation or cutting. Many of these gels and soaps are good enough to be mixed in the hands with some hot water and applied directly to the face. However, premium barbershops value the use of shaving brushes to apply formula to the face. Not only do they create a richer lather, it makes the formula much easier to spread on the face. The barber also does not have to make skin contact with the client.

Choose from a variety of shaving brushes at varying price points. We stock artificial fiber brushes up to premium animal hair options. Incorporating one of these in your shaving services elevates it to a new level that your clients will value. Shaving should be a very therapeutic experience, and ones of these is a great way of lifting the experience.

The effect of the different types of hair or fibers used in shaving brushes is up for debate. Some barbers will only use ones that have a particular fiber or hair. Most of the time, the choice comes down to your budget.