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Showing 1–36 of 55 results

Professional Shaving Supplies

Men take shaving very seriously when they go to a barber to have it done. Many claim you can’t get a similar cut at home, one that is so close to the skin. When you are working so intimately with someone’s hair in skin, it’s important to have all the tools and equipment for a safe and successful experience.

This section includes products for all things shaving, most notably brushes for applying formulas to the skin, creams and oils for soothing the skin, soap and gels, razors and aftercare products.

Give your clients the pampering they deserve using our professional supplies. We stock beard oil, pre-shave oil, double-edge safety razors, gels and soaps, aftershave and the finest shaving brushes.
Hair Health & Beauty is an online store for all your wholesale supplies in South Africa. Simply register for a trade account (if you haven’t already) to shop from our comprehensive range of professional men’s hair, health and grooming products, at trade-only prices.