Other Hair Treatments

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Showing 1–36 of 40 results

Hair treatments from leading brands

Other hair treatments and masks are important for any salon. They are often the primary choice for hair afflicted with some kind of ailment. Shampoos and conditioners are often not potent enough to really solve the issue. Masks and treatments can be more concentrated for better results.

These treatments and masks are from a large selection of manufacturers from around the world. They will be great choices to treat hair dryness, frizz, damage, limpness and so much more. Adopting just a few of these into your primary services are a great way of showing your clients that you care about the wellbeing of their hair.

The products shown here are also great for enhancing the results of a treatment or service a client received in a salon. Freshly-added colour looks dazzling after a moisturising mask has been applied. Just-cut hair looks more natural and bedded in after a spritz of a trusty detangler.