JOC Hair Treatments

JOC Hair Treatments For Sale in South Africa

The JOC brand offers 100% Italian-made luxury hair care, at affordable prices.

All JOC treatments for hair are dermatologically tested. They feature natural active ingredients that nourish the hair and blue light shield technology. Photo-protective pigments help preserve colour brilliance and protect the hair from premature aging.

JOC hair care for salons

The JOC brand includes these hair care ranges:

  • JOC Care – for everyday care and hair health
  • JOC Color – for optimal care of coloured hair
  • JOC Cure – for advanced hair and scalp treatment
  • JOC Style – for expert styling and finishing
  • JOC Wave – for professional perm services.

The JOC Care, Color and Cure ranges are 100% vegan and free from sodium laureth sulphate and parabens.

A commitment to quality

Traditional, large-scale production often involves shortcuts, numerous suppliers and questionable quality – disguised through extensive advertising and aggressive marketing.

Barex Italiana distinguishes itself with a different approach.

Its philosophy emphasises on-going research and a high degree of control throughout the production process. Try the range for your clients, for guaranteed quality and the best possible results.

Hair Health & Beauty is a wholesale supplier of JOC Care hair treatments to salons and spas in South Africa.