Damage Undo Hair Treatments

Damage Undo Hair Treatments – a holistic solution to hair damage, especially long hair

Hair has to go through a lot to get it how we want it. It is too often exposed to stressors that cause visible damage, really nosediving the look and efficacy of any treatment. Exposure like excessive heat, colouring chemicals and pollution are seemingly unavoidable to complete the treatments we want. This is especially the case for long hair. More hair means more time exposed to these stressors. Damage Undo Hair Treatments are the solution for hair damage, offering long-term results for professionals to let their creativity flow with their treatments.

Signs of hair damage are usually obvious – hair looking and feeling dry, split ends, no ability to form styles, excessive breakage to name a few. When examining the hair shaft, the lipid layer is damaged, the cuticle is highly compromised or lost, and there is damage to the internal structure. To fix this, many brands claiming to repair damage simply use silicones to fill in gaps on the shaft to give the illusion of being repaired. In due time, this washes out and the hair looks and feels exactly as damaged as before. Damage Undo uses a unique Keraboost™ technology to restore the internal and external physiological structure of the hair. This exclusive formula conducts a three-step rehabilitation process on damaged hair to return it to its best shape and health.