MKS Hair Styling Products

Introducing MKS hair styling products: the evolution of Marrakesh

Marrakesh, an iconic name in the world of hair styling, has undergone a transformation and emerged as MKS Eco. The new incarnation, MKS, is more eco-friendly and offers even higher quality.

Preserving the legacy: leading quality argan oil

MKS hair styling products continue the legacy of the Marrakesh brand. The hero ingredients, hemp and argan oil, remain at the forefront. Additionally, the range still harnesses the power of naturally derived botanical extracts, oils and nutrients. But what sets MKS apart?

A sustainable shift

MKS has embraced sustainability in a significant way. Through the adoption of solar-powered production processes and the introduction of eco-friendly packaging, MKS has made substantial strides in reducing its carbon footprint.

This commitment to eco-conscious practices is a unique selling point for hair salons aiming to attract environmentally conscious clients.

Your MKS supplier in South Africa

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