Marrakesh Hair Styling Products

Luxury styling, with the benefits of Moroccan argan oil

Ethically manufactured in California, Marrakesh hair styling products offer exceptional styling results, along with the conditioning and smoothing properties of Moroccan argan oil.

Popular worldwide, the range attracts consistently high customer ratings. With stylish, exotic packaging and premium ingredients, the products are a must-have for hair salons.

Eco-friendly ingredients and sustainable manufacturing

All Marrakesh products are:

  • free of sulphates, parabens, drying alcohols, dyes, petroleum and phthalates
  • vegan and cruelty-free
  • 100% recyclable
  • ethically manufactured using high-quality ingredients.

Marrakesh hair styling products for men and women

Marrakesh styling products for men are distinguishable by their blue packaging and include high-quality styling gels, pastes and conditioners.

The range for women, with labels ranging in colour from apricot to chocolate brown, includes styling creams, leave-in detanglers, volumising sprays, oil therapies and styling elixirs.

All Marrakesh products are enriched with hemp seed oil and argan oil. These antioxidant and nutrient-rich oils moisturise and condition the cuticles, adding an extra level of protection to styled hair.

Marrakesh hair styling supplier in South Africa

Hair Health & Beauty is a wholesale supplier of Marrakesh hair styling products to South Africa salons and barbershops. Simply register your business for a trade account (if you haven’t already) to access the range at competitive prices.