LOMA Hair Styling Products

Go green with LOMA

Organic, sustainably sourced ingredients and environmentally friendly manufacturing put LOMA hair styling products at the cutting edge of green beauty.

LOMA pastes, crèmes, gels and pomades are in demand with a growing cohort of eco-conscious consumers in South Africa – and for hair salons, stocking and using the products is a must.

In-house “everything”

With control over every step of the process, LOMA has ensured its hair styling products offer exceptional quality and performance.

Based in California, the company sources its own ingredients, blends its own formulations and manufactures its own products. A proprietary aloe vera powder is one of the key, moisturising components across its product range.

LOMA supplier in South Africa

Looking for LOMA products for your hair and beauty business? Hair Health & Beauty is proud to be a leading supplier of hair styling products in South Africa. Simply register your business for a trade account (if you haven’t already) to access the range at competitive prices.