Hair Styling

As a stylist, you know that beautiful, healthy hair requires more than a shampoo and blow-dry. To maintain salon-perfect hair, regular treatments should be used. Treatments, such as hair salon hair oil, masks and serums, are packed with ingredients that keep hair nourished and in top condition. You can trust Hair Health & Beauty, a hair treatment wholesaler, to supply the best international and local brands.


Showing 1–36 of 224 results

Showing 1–36 of 224 results

Professional styling for all hair types

Styling products are an essential part of any hairstyle. They’re the difference between achieving a style or not – and the style lasting all day or flopping when the client leaves the salon.

You can give your clients the styles they dream of using the Hair Health & Beauty selection of wholesale hair products. We have professional products for all hair types and looks. Our extensive collection includes serums, glosses, gels, waxes, creams, pomades, butters, mousses, pastes, sprays and powders.

Whether you want to add shine to dull hair, control frizz, define unruly curls or detail a finished look, there’s a styling product at Hair Health & Beauty that you’ll need.

Take-home solutions

In between salon visits, help your clients maintain their styles with our range of salon-quality products from international brands, including Agadir, DESIGN.ME, Gummy and Osmo. You can become a one-stop-shop for your clients’ hair needs and increase your profit margin at the same time.

With our trade-only online shop, you can buy professional hair styling products that are delivered to your door. Simply register to set up a trade account.

Hair Health & Beauty offers a wide range of hair styling products for salons, at the best prices.